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The Albanian Armed Forces Academy (AAFA) is a respected Professional Military Education institution, established in 1958. Since then, the Armed Forces Academy has offered an effective contribution to learning and training militaries and civilians in the defense and security issues. Currently it is focused more on addressing the security and defense challenges of the twenty-first century in order to prepare defense institutions and leaders to be able to adapt and behave in an uncertain geopolitical environment.

In recognition of this need, the academy has developed for the first time in September 2007 the Senior Course on Security and Defense Studies (SCSDS). Since 1st of November 2012 SCSDS is a ‘NATO Listed Course’. The course is tailored to meet the requirements of Regional Countries. SCSDS is designed to promote a common understanding of education and training techniques, in accordance with NATO oriented education and training methods.

The SCSDS offers senior officers, governmental officials from Albania and regional countries the opportunity to continue their professional education, through the study of strategic-level issues. As positive trend of cooperation, the course is set out to provide our students with the knowledge, understanding and tools necessary for them to become creative, proactive and agile commanders, policymakers and managers, capable of making sound, decisive and future-oriented decisions.

The SCSDS 2018 Handbook describes in more detail the aims, planned outcomes of the course and means by which they are expected to be achieved, while later chapters explain and provide administrative information and some relevant data about history and touristic Albania.

This year, on the 60th anniversary of Armed Forces Academy, it would be the Tenth Senior Course on Security and Defense Studies.

My staff and I look forward to your participation in the 10th SCSDS and supporting your professional developments as senior representatives of your countries. I am confident that you will find an experience to the SCSDS-2018 that will stay with you throughout your service career and beyond.

Brigadier General Assoc. Prof. Bajram Begaj

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